FIDE Infinite Chess Project

As part of celebrations for the World Autism Day, FIDE Infinite Chess Project hosted “Our difference is our strength” workshop at Browns School, Durban, South Africa, on the 29th of March 2023.
The workshop attended 24 educators involved in education of children with ASD, ADHD and epilepsy. The main objectives were to highlight the benefits of chess as an educational and social tool, practice and develop the skills of teaching chess to kids with ASD. The workshop also highlighted the positive impact and valuable improvements of the Infinite Chess Project on the children involved in it during the year.
The Speakers of the event were Erick Takawira, Councillor of the FIDE Social Commission; Kanthi Sarjoo, Speech Language Pathologist/Audiologist; and Dr Sheila Naidoo – Educational psychologist. All participants received the Certificate of Attendance.