FIDE Infinite Chess Project


The FIDE chess for children with ASD program expands to Riga, Latvia. FIDE’s Deputy Chair of Management Board Dana Reizniece-Ozola attended the first lesson in Riga 2nd Primary school (a school for children with special needs) carried out by a trainer Viesturs Kapče. He praised the educational program by Natalia Popova and Ala Mishchanka, which is the basis of FIDE’s Infinite Chess project.

School Director Ivars Upenieks (pictured with Dana) also personally supervised the lesson, giving a start to a weekly routine.

This year, the Infinite Chess project gets a handful of new countries under its umbrella. Spain, Turkey, France, Norway, Gibraltar, South Africa, Morocco, Maldives, Mongolia, Albania, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, New Zealand, Australia, and Bangladesh will also receive the pilot training.

FIDE hopes that chess will facilitate the overall development and psychoemotional well-being of these wonderful, special kids.